Newburgh’s poverty rate is approximately 25%. About 21% of Black residents and 31% of Latino residents in Newburgh live in poverty. These numbers are direct results from the lack of resources and upward mobility in housing, transportation, and employment that must be worked on simultaneously in order to address racial inequalities and low quality of life in our city.


These are the key issues Giselle plans to fight for.


Advocate for affordable housing 

Promoting home ownership


Restoring roads and sidewalks 

Expanding bus routes

Promoting free public Wi-Fi for community

Incentivizing waste management programs

Social justice

Seek racial equity in criminal justice system

Expand mental health services

Work for Cleaner Streets & Parks

Declare a climate emergency 


Newburgh has a renter percent of 68.3% and a homeowner percent of 31.7%. The gap between both extremes must be closed. Giselle believes in providing different housing options for Newburgh residents to alleviate any income burden worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.



Affordable housing

The average median household income in Newburgh is approximately $33,000, where the average tenant pays $18,000 a year for rent. That is more than half their yearly income. Giselle believes in advocating and ensuring that everyone has access to affordable housing. Through local law, we can assure that developers building or renovating apartments set aside a percentage for affordable housing.  


Home ownership

Newburgh has a renter percent of 68.3% which is the highest percent in our area. Giselle has seen the positive effects of the housing programs in Newburgh that provide a pathway for homeownership to residents. Promoting homeownership to longtime residents will help combat gentrification.




roads and sidewalks

In the past, Newburgh has struggled restoring its infrastructure. Giselle believes we should continue to repave our roads and maintain our sidewalks. Through community block grants, property owners can apply for financial assistance in repairing damaged sidewalks.  


Bus Routes

Expanding bus routes would ease the burden for residents in need of alternate transportation options. It would increase accessibility for jobs and allow local and county governments to address the issues of transportation while simultaneously working to generate new employment opportunities.

Community Public Wi-Fi

Now more than ever, the internet is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. With the recent pandemic, community members have resorted to relying on Wi-Fi to attend school, work remotely, or see loved ones. By providing free public wifi, we can ensure that everyone has equal access to the internet and make their daily lives easier.

Waste management programs

Incinerating toxic waste is costly and contributes to global warming. Through community composting programs we can aim to reduce the amount of trash by at least 30% and promote a cleaner city.

Social Justice



racial equity in criminal justice system

Through the Executive 203 Oversight Committee and Police-Community Relations and Review Board we have seen the need for more efforts to be made on behalf of the administration. Giselle believes that we can improve the transparency within the police department and Newburgh residents.


mental health services

Lack of accessibility to mental health services has disproportionately affected communities of color. With the recent pandemic, more residents are experiencing higher rates of depression and anxiety. By partnering with the county and state, we can work to ensure residents have equitable access to mental health services. 

Cleaner Streets & Parks

Giselle has volunteered with local organizations to clean up Newburgh. She believes in investing time to clean our streets and parks to make them safer and accessible to our youth.

climate emergency

For too long our city has been abused by large corporations that pollute our water and air. Enough is enough. Not only should we work to make our city beautiful but safe. By declaring a climate emergency, we can work to ensure a cleaner and safer Newburgh for all and future generations to come.